Welcome to Our ACADEMY

"Why be good, when you can be great?"

A developer is always craving to learn more. To awnser that thirst, Yellow Jersey created Yellow Academy.
An educational program where our employees get the opportunity to push their boundries.

Personal Guidance

At Yellow Academy, all Jersians get a personalised schedule. That way you can set your own goals where you'd like to be as a developer.

Broad Spectrum

Yellow Academy supports it's students to develop themselves in any way possible. From social and presentation skills to designing and developping work, we help you to be the Developer you want to be.

Learn from the best

To make sure you become an expert in your field, Yellow Academy provides different kind of ways to obtain the necessary skills (eg. Online courses, lessons given by professionals,...).

Our Features

Flexible Service

Learn at your own pace.


Get as many certifications as you can and maybe you'll get a badge for your accomplishment.

Self Chosen Path

Grab the bull by the horns and decide where you want to go with your career.

Technical Evolution

Learn new coding languages and be master of every single one of them.

Social Skills

Ace every interview and present like a boss! Improve your social skills in our courses.

Yearly Program

Jump any time in our program that's yearly renewed.

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Upcoming Events

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Have a look at our students their program.

As a starting Front-End Developer, Robbe has been assigned with several Javascript projects. This way he'll have a much deeper level of coding then he's used to.
Including the designwork for several apps , this program wil prepare him to be an allround Webdeveloper.